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Lisbon Quest Battleship in Lisbon

City of sailors with many sea adventure stories and even some tragedies, Lisbon is the perfect stage for a Battleship inspired game. With the city’s area map divided in numbered squares, the different teams will be on a tight clock fight against all the others, in the selected area map. The team that reveals the best organization strategy and best manages its members skills wins.

Duration = 4 to 5 hours

Battleship in Alfama

Similar to the previous one, this activity is confined to the Alfama quarter, enabling the participants to discover its corners and stories in an entertaining way where the preparation and organization of the team is the key to victory for those who see it as a competition. To all those who prefer to use just an excuse to visit and get to know this unique part of the city, fun is guaranteed.

Duration = 3 hours

Spies: In the Shadows of Lisbon

The world of espionage attracts everyone’s attention. Characters like James Bond are universal references and the city of Lisbon provides the perfect stage to develop this theme. From the Discoveries to the neutral city of World War II, when Lisbon was a real nest of spies, and secrets flowed amongst characters who changed the course of history in a very discreet way.

In this game, the participants assume the role of spies without the risk involved, in a journey full of challenges and surprises, where individual and group dynamics are explored creatively.

Duration = 4 to 5 hours

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