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Lisbon Walks – 54 Discovery Cards


Lisbon Old Town

A deck of cards with 52 (+2) suggestions for walking and biking tours inside and around Lisbon, including Sintra, Cascais, Almada, Arrábida and the Estuary National Reserve.

These tours were created by History and city life experts whose professional life is based on presenting and introducing Lisbon to everyone all year round. These tours will enable you to get to know the best of Lisbon, by day and by night.

The tours were made for everyone, visitors as well as inhabitants, and we are sure they will provide you with an amazing opportunity to discover a different reality in Lisbon: one that exists beyond the tourist beaten tracks!

You can purchase the Deck through Amazon.co.uk, by sending us a request by e-mail or directly from our walking tours guides.


Lisbon Downtown
Lisbon Legends&Mysteries
Lisbon City of Spies
Lisbon Revelation Tour

Private Walks

Special Walks

The city is aerated and clean, of a glistening whiteness.(…) It is an absolutely dazzling place.

 Virginia Woolf