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Lisbon Walker spotted by the media

The experts’ opinions
What tourist guidebooks and magazines say about us:

  • "My last day of research was complicated by a walking tour. I intended to check it out by just tagging along for half an hour. It was so good, I stayed the entire 3.5 hours. They called it an intro tour, but after 20 years of visits, I just couldn’t leave. Titled “Lisbon Revelation” and run by a company called Lisbon Walker, there were five in our group. We paid €13 each ($20) and the guide had us enthralled for every minute as we walked and took the trolley through the old town. (That evening I emailed my tour operations director and said, "Let’s get this experience for our Portugal groups!")” - 23 de Abril 2008                                                              - Rick Steves: Blog Gone Europe
  • "Well informed English speaking guides lead exciting themed walking tours through Lisbon.”
                                                                                                                       -Lonely Planet
  • "a different way to discover Lisbon" – Guide du Routard

  • "a must do in Lisbon" – De Volkskrant newspaper

  • "Lisbon Walker provides something over and above the standard travel guide"
                                                                                         - Lisboa Unforgettable

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Walkers Reviews

What walkers say about our Lisbon Walking Tours:

Yu-Seong  - (2013-07-21)
My husband & I really enjoyed the Revelation tour and the Lisbon Old town tour. Pedro and José were friendly, knowledgeable and engaging - we did not feel bored at any point on both the walks. Thanks for a good job done!

Neil and Karen
- (2013)
Thank you so much for the excellent and informative city walking tour. Without your excellent knowledge and fine company, we would never had seen and absorbed so much of Portugal's history and culture. I'm sure many companies claim to provide the best tours, but you put them all to shame. You truly are the best! We could not have asked for a better day. We will make sure all of our friends know who to contact when they visit Lisbon. Thank you again.

Philippe & Michelle
– France (2012-01-28)
Bravo pour ta performance, tout le groupe a apprécié ta visite de Lisbonne. Merci pour tout

Christina Gillies
– (2012-11-07)
First of all, on behalf of the Swedish Women's Educational Association and their spouses, I would like to thank you so very much for a very informative, interesting and fun walk in the footsteps of the Spies.........we all really enjoyed your commentary.....you are the BEST!!!!!!!

Janet Ainsworth – USA (2012-11-17)
What a wonderful introduction to Lisbon! We took two of your tours, the Revelation Tour with Claudia and the Old Town Tour with Rita. Both were quite memorable. The Revelation Tour was the perfect introduction to Lisbon, with Claudia providing enough of the history to put the city into its cultural context and enough about the modern Lisbon to understand it as a vibrant city of today, facing challenges but ready to meet them with Portuguese spirit.
The next day, we decided to do another
tour, this time the Old Town tour with Rita. She, too, provided fascinating commentary that made the area come alive.

Jean-Paul Dubos
– (2012-10-01)
Just to let you know that we had a really GREAT time walking with Rita. Thanks!!!

Linda Tomala
– (2012-08-17)
I took the Revelation Tour with Inês today, 17/08/12. It prepared me so well for exploring the city on my own. I took Inês's advice about discovering other neighborhoods, spending my time as I wanted to, lingering and following where the winding roads lead me, and keeping my bearings by knowing where the river and the sea were.  Inês gave us so much information that gave me a much better feel for Lisboa than yesterday, my first day. Today I was totally at ease and enjoyed every minute of my 14 hours out-and-about in this beautiful, vibrant city. Thank you, Inês, for sharing the mystery of the lady Lisboa. I have more to discover tomorrow.

Karen Treber
– (2012-07-27)
The City of Spies tour with Ze was fantastic! It helps to know a bit about Portugal's role in WWII, then go on this tour and really feel a part of the history that took place in Lisbon. Ze is a wonderful and friendly guide, clearly knows his topic very well and is happy to answer any and all questions!  Muito obrigada!

– USA (2012-07-24)
Just to let you know, we loved The City of Spies tour....Jose was great. (…) Keep up the good work. We recommended you guys to one of the other people that we met (…).

– (2012-06-15)
I took the "Lisbon City of Spies" tour with José on June the 17th and I'm honored to tell that it was one of the highlights of my stay in Lisbon. Not only is José very pleasant and sympathetic but he's so knowledgeable that it seems that he knows the story of each road, street and building in Lisbon and that makes the tour so interesting, exciting, unforgettable and fascinating. I'll highly recommend it to my friends who plan to visit Lisbon.
Two days before, I took "Lisbon Revelation Tour" which was a great introduction to the city with a very sympathetic, energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide. This tour was a great start for my visit to Lisbon.

Rick Steves
– USA (2012-04-11)
I had a wonderful tour with Jose this morning reminding me of the quality of the experience you offer. Thanks!

Monika Meyer-Ludes
– Belgium and Holland (2011-10-10)
Comme prévue nous avons visité la  belle ville de Lisbonne avec Raul Henriques. Nous avons été enchanté par son savoir, son amabilité et sa grande disponibilité. Nous avons passés qqs heures agréables et inoubliables grace à lui. Nous tenons encore une fois à vous remercier et surtout Mr Raul Henriques. Le groupe de belge et le hollandais.

Jan Castelyns
– (2011-09-22)
Last week we did the revelation tour with your guide Inês. She was extremely friendly and made our day a very pleasant one, thanks a lot!

Ann Pitt
– USA (2011-09-26)
We are back home, sadly, as we all wanted to stay in Portugal! I wanted to thank you for the excellent tour! Inês was a fantastic guide, informing us of Lisbon's history and architecture. It was truly a delightful and eye opening experience for me and my graduate students. I will highly recommend Lisbonwalker, and especially Inês. Again, thanks for your help in making a wonderful trip.

Irène Dorr
– (2011-09-26)
I am writing you to thank you for arranging the wonderful tour we had last Saturday with Rita Azavedo. She is a very good guide, knows her city very well and gives a lot of interesting information with a good sense of humor! We all enjoyed the walking tour very much, and each one of us would very much like to come back. Thanks again

Monika Meyer-Ludes
- (2011-10-10)
Comme prévue nous avons visité la  belle ville de Lisbonne avec Raul Henriques. Nous avons été enchanté par son savoir, son amabilité et sa grande disponibilité. Nous avons passés qqs heures agréables et inoubliables grace à lui. Nous tenons encore une fois à vous remercier et surtout Mr Raul Henriques.

Ann Pitt
- (2011-09-26)
I wanted to thank you for the excellent tour! Ines was a fantastic guide, informing us of Lisbon's history and architecture. It was truly a delightful and eye opening experience for me and my graduate students. I will highly recommend Lisbon Walker, and especially Inês. Again, thanks for your help in making a wonderful trip.

Jan Castelyns
- (2011-09-22)
Last week we did the revelation tour with your guide Inês. She was extremely friendly and made our day a very pleasent one, thanks a lot!

Gail Kholer
- (2011/03/11)

Back on February 4th, a few of my colleagues and I had the Lisbon Walking Tour with Rita Prata. I’ve gone on many tours over the years but Rita’s was the best and most interesting. She was knowledgeable, flexible and kept the tour nicely paced. I know I learned more about Lisbon than I have any other city. Great tour and guide!

Liang Li - (2011/02/16)
Rita, I just want to say a big big thanks to you. The (private) tour I had with you was definitely the highlight of my Lisbon trip. I randomly picked Lisbon as my three day get away destination, and was still reading page 1 of LP on my way to Lisbon. But after hearing all the history and stories that you told me, everything became alive, and I can't help but falling in love with this city. I will definitely came back again and learn more from you guys.

Sue Currie - US (2010/10/02)
We were particularly pleased with our guide, Claudia, in Lisbon. A native of Germany, she has lived in Lisbon for some time. Claudia led our group of four couples on a delightful walking tour of the major sights not to be missed in the main section of Lisbon. In addition, she allowed us to experience a couple of non-tourist locales that displayed the fabric of Lisbon lifestyle. She was personable, kept us together, answered all inquiries and offered interesting insights. Her English was wonderful and she was very easy to understand. As a resident, she also gave us her recommendations on shopping, including local artisans. You would be fortunate to have her as your guide.

Travelworld23 – South Africa June 2010
Just to confirm your decision - we have recently returned from Lisbon after a ten day stay in this amazing city. We went on four Lisbon Walker tours - the two jose's and rita are truly great - we started with "revelations" which we recommend highly if you are doing only one tour with them. We also took the old city/Alfama tour which we really loved - yes, one touches on the Alfama with the first tour - but one covers many corners and squares that go way beyond the first if you also take the second tour. These are the two that I would recommend without any hesitation. Best regards and happy walking.

Gene – US June 2010
Highly recommend Lisbon Walker Revelation tour or the Alfama one...we did it after a couple of days of wandering on our own and really got a lot out of it. Don't know when you are traveling but maybe they add more trips in the high season? Since there are only five guides they are more limited.

South Africa June 2010
We took four tours with "lisbonwalker" when we were recently in Lisbon (…), very charming and knowledgeable folk with really small numbers in our group - mostly just two to four and as the name states, virtually all walking except for one short ride during one of the tours on Tram 28 - which of course was great.

New Zealand (2010/08/15)
This company, which I found on the Internet has a selection of morning and afternoon tours with English speaking guides. I went on the ‘Lisbon Revelation Tour’ and it was great. My guide, Rita, was a font of knowledge and I learned so much about the city that I would never have found out wandering around by myself. If I had more time I would take some of their other tours. I can recommend this Lisbon Walker to other TA members.

Dominique et Terry – France (2010/08)
Encore mille mercis pour la visite. Ce fut aussi agréable qu'érudit et instructif. Au plaisir de découvrir d'autres parties de Lisbonne en votre compagnie!

Marie-Laure Durcy (2009/04/07)
Je tenais à vous remercier et vous dire combien nous avons apprécié la visite de la Ville avec Catarina. Je n'hésiterai pas à donner vos coordonnées à mon entourage.

Leo António 2009/02/25
(…) I thoroughly enjoyed this morning tour in Alfama. José had so much to tell that he could hardly breathe. I have been a Lisbon (and Porto) adept for a long time and now I´m even more so with so much information as a background. My next trip to Lisbon I will certainly want to do the other tours as well, but book me for tomorrow as well!

Lis (2008/10/21)
A bunch of roses for Katrina! I had the privilege to be on her first - ever tour last Saturday and enjoyed it tremendously. Like having a knowledgeable and very patient friend in town :-)

Ulrich Hasper (2008/10/06)
I would like to thank Claudia again for guiding and accompanying my friends and myself on the walking tour "Das Lissabon der Entdeckungen". Claudia is a very nice person and an excellent and knowledgable guide. I can recommend her wholeheartedly as German speaking guide. Thanks also to you, Rita, for your arrangement and especially for your recommendation and reservation of the "A Baiuca". This Fado-Restaurant was exactly what we had hoped for and we all enjoyed the night there very much.

Maarten Vink (2008/07/27)
Hi Rita, just a short message to say that my friend and I really enjoyed the Legends & Mysteries walk very much last Friday afternoon! I am definitely coming back for more walks and will start reading with (even) more interest about freemasonry and Lisbon history.

Giovanna Desero (2008/06/02)
Bonjour José, Je reviens de mon petit WE à Lisbonne, je vous remercie une fois de plus pour vos renseignements et vous félicite pour la belle initiative de LisbonWalker: j’ai fait un tour révélation avec Rita, franchement très intéressant, agréable, pas trop historique mais tout aussi riche d’informations… remerciez-la !

Pirjo Kopola – Frankfurt (2008/05/18)
Hello, I had the interesting walk on Sunday, the city of spies and I would like to thank the excellent guide we had. I don´t remember when I had such interesting 2 hours. So thank you so much!

Ryszard Świrkula - Warszawa, Poland (2008/05/09)
Hello, how could I forget such a great time. As to the pleasure, yes it was a great pleasure to have tours with you in Lisbon. Both tours, with you and with Rita, gave us a picture and information about Lisbon that we would never found in any book guides. (…) Thank you for the two days in Lisbon, for helping us understand and feel the city. Thank you Rita, Thank you Jose.

Cycling Country (2008/05/03)
Hi Rita, I just wanted to say, thanks for the great tour a couple of weeks ago - you really showed the group some great nooks in Lisbon! I also wanted to confirm our next tour with you (…) Looking forward to the tour. Will you be our guide again?

Justine Smith - UK (2008/04/19)
Hi, we joined 2 of your walks on our recent trip to Lisboa, the Old Town on Sat 12th August with Rita and the Legends and Mysteries on the following Tuesday. They were both excellent and we both learn stuff (…) Thank you so much for making our visit so pleasurable and informative and rest assured, we will be back.

Matthew Hancock (2008/10/20)
Thanks for organising the walk which was very interesting!

Jay and Karen – USA (2008/10/16)
We made it home after a wonderful 4 day trip. We saw so much and enjoyed your country. Your walking tour was a great start and you did a great job!!! Thanks again!

Benedicte Plovier – Belgique (2008/08/07)
Bonjour, (…) Je voudrai remercier Rita (…) et de nous avoir fait découvrir d'une très jolie manière cette magnifique ville qu'est Lisbonne. Si j'ai l'occasion de revenir à Lisbonne, j'espère encore pouvoir me balader en sa compagnie ou en celle d'un de ses collègues pour lever le voile sur d'autres mystères lisboètes. Merci et je ne manquerai pas de parler de votre association.

Alice (2008/08/01)
Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for an awesome tour of Lisbon, my husband and I went on the Revelation tour with Rita this morning and found it really informative and as the group wasn't to big really comfortable. I've already told my hostel to recommend you.

Sanda Samitca (2008/06/13)
Dear Rita, I hope your are ok and that with this gorgeous weather the number of walkers increased!!! I went again last Friday on a walk with my mother and we really enjoyed it. Thank you for the information.

Cathy (2008/05/12)
Hello…I heard from a friend that your tours are wonderful.

Susan Barker (2008/04/25)
Hi Rita Thank you very much for the tour of the Old Town on Monday 28th. The tour was very enjoyable and informative and made our holiday much more enjoyable.

Cathy Gabriel (2008/04/15)
Dear Mrs Rita, First of all I want to thank you for the excellent tours that we made with Ignacio. It was a good experience for all of us. We enjoyed Lisbon very much.

Dominique Rose-Rosette & Cécile Bouteille (2008/01/05)
Hello, We'd be very interested in having bibliographic references concerning the very entertaining "City Of Spies" walk we made last week with José. We really enjoyed the three walks we did. Keep up the good work ! (And Happy New Year!)

Elizabeth Anderson (2007/11/27)
Dear Sir I enjoyed the walk with your company on Friday very much. It was fascinating!

Mari Jeminen (2007/11/24)
Hello, I was yesterday with your guide José on spy-walk. The walk was very good and interesting! :) Now I like to know those books name and writers, what José told about.

Marie Affonso – US (2007/11/01)
The first morning of our stay we took a walking tour of Lisbon led by Rita Prata. She was friendly, helpful and informative. It was a great way to start our stay in Lisbon. I would recommend Lisbon Walker to anyone coming to your beautiful city for a visit.

Judy Felt – US (2007/10/18)
I was fortunate enough to participate in your City of Spies tour a couple of weeks ago. I LOVED it and Jose was the most knowledgeable tour guide I have encountered anywhere in the world. Trust me; I have been on many tours. He was heads and shoulders above the rest.

Leah Whitehorse – US (2007/10/05)
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the walk I came to on Friday 5th October. It was the Lisbon Revelation walk with Rita Prata. I had such a brilliant time and Rita was lovely. Even after 3 hours of walking, wandering, listening and looking I was sad for it to end! This walk gives such a wonderful overview of the city and I felt truly immersed in its history and culture.

Cleo Crimmins – US (2007/06/27)
City of Spies, with Jose, was pure enjoyment. Afterwards I viewed the streets with a whole different perspective.

Willem Peter – NL (2007/06/26)
Their highly educated staff will make sure you will have a more than excellent time in the city by showing you ‘more’, telling you ‘more’ and above all, their English and overall quality is extremely good.

Eryl Hicks – UK (2007/06/20)
José Manuel, many thanks for a wonderful afternoon. We all enjoyed it thoroughly and found it a fascinating introduction to Lisbon, thanks to your knowledge and attitude which perfectly suited our expectations. Thanks again for a delightful afternoon.

Janet Fluehr – US (2007/06/12)
We thoroughly enjoyed Rita P., who did a splendid job taking us around last Sunday. She was very pleasant, helpful and well-informed. She made our first day in Portugal a great pleasure. I will contact you on our next trip.

Katryn and Brynjar – NO (2007/05/07)
I would on behalf of my husband and me thank you for the Spy Tour today, very good service.

Rudi and Christine – BE (2007/02/02)
We enjoyed a nice visit with Rita on 02 Feb. She is a very warm person and her explanations in English are interesting without being boring. She is a perfect ambassador for your company which we will recommend to our friends.

Ingrid and Ole-Erik – NO (2007/01/09)
Thanks to José for an exellent walk last Tuesday. Even our different questions about history and the situation up to today was taken care of and answered very well informed. It could not have been done better in any way we can think of.

Francis Vanhee – BE (2007/05)
Je tiens à vous remercier pour la promenade dans l'alfama, vous nous avez fait découvrir et aimer votre ville, votre organisation est parfaite, je ne manquerai pas de vous recommander à mes amis.

Anthony & Lisa - AUS (2007/05)
We went on the L&M walk a few weeks ago with Ze and loved it so much we came back the next day for the Alfama walk with Jose. Great work guys for putting together very interesting walks and for being so friendly and accessible.

Karen & Joel Rosen – US (2007/05)
The four of us LOVED your tour and really learned a lot about your beautiful city. I will definitely let my office know about you if they have any clients going to Portugal.

Pebbles – UK (2007/04/15)
We went on the walk with Rita on Friday 6 April in the morning and we would like to say we really enjoyed the walk with Rita and found her to be a very pleasant and well informed guide.

Luciana Noja- IT (2006/10/16)
Brilliant website, congratulations! Lisbon will always be in my heart, also thanks to you!

Emily Sykes – US (2006/10)
In October we went on 2 of your walking tours and both of them were excellent! Jose was an excellent guide who gave us insite into the city and pointed out numerous facts and stories that we would have never got from the guide books. This is a must for anyone who ever goes to Lisbon and is definitely value for money!

Janice & Gary Jones – CA (2006/9/19)
Thank you, Rita, for your excellent and informative tour of the Alfama district (25-08-06). You've definitely given us some great memories. We can't wait to return to beautiful Lisbon to complete the three remaining walks! Até breve!

Sandy & Gail Cohen– US (2006/8/26)
You took us to Chiado and Bairro Alto on August 5th. We told you that we were going to the Azores the next day.(…)Thanks again for the lovely Lisbon walking tour earlier in the month. It remains one of the highlights of our trip.

Marcella Martinetti - IT (2006/01/25)
I keep a very good memory of the two “tours" I have made with Lisbon Walker (Old Town with José Manuel and 7th Hill with José). I have discovered a lot of things that are not in the tourist guides, but above all I have received authentic and living description of Lisbon and of its History. I will suggest this experience to all the people I know who will visit Lisbon. Thank you! Grazie.

Morag Dasiewicz – UK (2006/8/19)
We really enjoyed our tour of the Alfama on August 9th 2006. It was great to have such a personalised tour and with a guide who obviously loves the city and its history. We got so much more out of it than we would have with a guide book. Hopefully, we can return to Lisbon soon and take your other tours.

Alex – ES (2006/8/18)
I was in Lisbon last week and I had a tour with Jose. It was fantastic and very interesting.I’ve told José that I have been working in a similar job in Edinburgh and that I found his “performance” very good indeed. Good job, go on like this, it would have taken me ages to learn what Jose told me in a couple of hours!

Oscar Mangas – ES (2006/7/25)
...your value as a company is big: you're young, you offer something different (walks) and you do it in a different way (graphic design, familiar way...). So, please, go on with this. I've just told all my friends about you... :-)

Karin Veraart - NL (2006/6/20)
I am a journalist for the Dutch daily de Volkskrant. On June 13th I had a great “Legends and Mysteries” walk with José Manuel and I would like to include the services of Lisbon Walker in my story on your city in the travel section of my newspaper.

Robin and Max – US (2006/6/19)
We got more out of the walks than out of anything else the entire trip because we were able to ask questions. Interacting with a Lisboner beyond asking for a food tab was priceless. We especially appreciated the attention given to the Jewish history in Lisbon, as we had trouble finding much coverage to the subject in our travel guides.

Riky Choudhuri (2006/5/26)
Thank you for today's old town tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lisa Spera and Elisabeth Bell - Hong Kong (2006/5/4)
Our family thoroughly enjoyed your tours while in Lisbon. Rita provided information that was not found in our guide books--always a plus--and your interest in your home city was evident. I was especially grateful that you encouraged our children. Most guides forget that children, even teens, are people too. We wish you much success in your endeavor. Thank you for adding a dash of color to our vacation.

Lisa and Chuck – US (2006/4/29)
We came to Lisbon on our honeymoon and discovered Lisbon Walker once we arrived. We really loved the walk - our guide was very knowledgeable about history, literature, and city planning. We would recommend this walk to anybody!

Paul Bell – US (2006/4/12)
On behalf of Elizabeth, Meredith, Chris, Lisa and myself thanks for a very entertaining morning.

Richard and Frankie Carpenter - UK (2006/2/19)
Just writing to say how much we enjoyed our walk around the Alfama district with you - it was one of the highlights of our visit to Lisbon.

Kelly Amabile –US (2006/2/17)
Lisbon is a beautiful city...I spent the morning in the Alfama on a walking tour with Lisbon Walker. We learned a ton about the history of the city, from the Romans in 2000 BC through the time the city was in the hands of the Phoenicians, Moors, Barbarians, and assorted royalty too. Jose was an excellent guide, and totally worth the ten euros I paid.

Jose Ferri - ES (2006/2/08)
Keep up the good work!

Frank Whetten - USA (2005/12/12)
... an outstanding introduction to the old-town Alfama. ... this was the most outstanding tour/experience I had in Portugal. Thanks again! Great tour.

Marianne Sandels - Sweden (2005/12/11)
Many thanks for both of the walks I was fortunate to do with you last November. Best wishes to the future of Lisbon Walker.

Michael Macie - Salamanca ES (2005/12/07)
I had the pleasure of seeing Lisbon through two of your "walks". You have a very good idea there. I hope to return some day and attend the two walks in your program that I have not taken.

Andy & Louise – Nottingham UK (2005/11/10)
Lisbon has become our natural weekend escape and Alfama was always a must of our trips here. The Lisbon Old Town walk was a revelation providing in depth views of a part of town we had been barely scratching the surface.

Sarah - Philadelphia USA (2005/11/03)
LisbonWalker is one of the best memories of this short trip to Lisbon.

Jan – Amsterdam NL (2005/11/01)
Top rate tour. Keep up the enthusiasm.

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