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Special Walks

In this section you may find our selection of Special Walking Tours, only available by appointment. They are sure to provide a deeper insight or unique experiences to those that have the opportunity and the curiosity to go under the surface, only to find out what makes Lisbon so special after all.

Lisbon Uptown
This Lisbon Walking Tour will show you the cosmopolitan Lisbon, from Chiado to Bairro Alto. A tour to feel the heart of upper class Lisbon in modernist years and of today’s vibrant district.
Lisbon Castle Hill 
This walking tour will take to the heart of the Castle Hill and to the Moorish district – Mouraria. There, you will find the origins of Fado, the sound track of Lisbon.
Lisbon Architecture Tour
  A time travel across 3 different architectural ages - from the 18th to the 21st century - that make up today’s image of this unique Atlantic city.
Jewish Presence in Lisbon
  A Walking Tour through the Jewish districts of Lisbon, recalling the legacy of this community in the History of the city and the country.
African Presence in Lisbon
  A Lisbon Walking Tour through Madragoa, once the biggest slave district of Europe, and Belém, the monumental area that was developed with the Discoveries endeavour.
Lisbon Underground
  A unique Tour that dives into the least known underground Art Gallery of Lisbon – the city’s subway system (Metro). From multicoloured tiles to stone sculptures you will become familiar with the country’s artists and History.
Lisbon  Literary  Tour
  An overview of Portuguese authors through the ages, their lives, their work and how they portrayed Portugal and its people. From the XV to the XX century you will hear about Gil Vicente, Camões, Eça de Queiroz and Fernando Pessoa, amongst others.
Lisbon of the Discoveries
  An unforgettable Lisbon Walking Tour in the monumental area of Belém, where the Monastery and the Tower remain two live symbols of that golden age, where the testimonies of the new worlds have inspired the dominant decorations of the “manuelin” style.

I do not evolve, I travel. I do not travel, I dream.

Fernando Pessoa