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Lisbon Uptown

The Jewish presence in Portugal goes back a long way but is unfortunately little known to the general public.

Keeping in mind the myths about the foundation of the Sephardite communities in the Iberian Peninsula and the first traces of Jewish settlement in Portugal, this Walking Tour presents the most remarkable moments of the History of Lisbon from the viewpoint of this community, now drastically reduced to a limited number of people.

This Walking Tour goes across two millenniums and ends in the 20th century, with the passage through Lisbon of 200.000 refugees on their way to America, many with visas issued by Aristides Sousa Mendes, thus managing to escape Nazi persecution.

In this Walking Tour you will become acquainted to:

  • The Jewish districts of the City
  • Their commercial relevance in the maritime trade
  • Forced conversion to Christianism
  • The Pessah massacre
  • Establishment of the Inquisition
  • The “black lists”
  • The secret treaty to rehabilitate the “new Christians”
  • Refugees daily life in Lisbon during the 2nd World War
Lisbon Castle Hill 
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"Can a house have a body, a soul? Ours [in Lisbon] looked thrown down and fatigued by centuries of rain and sun, though tenaciously protecting those who inhabited therein."

-Richard Zimler