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Lisbon Uptown

The Portuguese language is today a global language and writers like Camões and Pessoa are universal references.

In this walk we present these and other heroes of Portuguese Literature. We focus on aspects of their literary production and its theoretical importance, besides delicious details concerning the intense life they led.

And if there is something that unites them all, that is the universality of their works and their humanist attitude.

In this Walking Tour you will become familiar with:

  • The “father” of Portuguese theatre, Gil Vicente
  • Pessoa and the Modernist generation
  • The sermons of Father António Vieira
  • António José of Silva (the Jew): operas and puppets
  • The erotic poetry of Bocage - prohibited during Salazar’s dictatorship
  • The aspirations of the Generation of 1870
Lisbon Castle Hill 
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Lisbon of the Discoveries

"A narrow slice of water and hill visible between two buildings(...). It was like a sea canvas, framed in white masonry, suspended from the blue sky in front of the terrace, exhibiting, in the infinite varieties of colour and light, the fugitive episodes of a peaceful river life. "

-Eça de Queirós