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Lisbon Old Town

During this walk the main topic will be the last 2,500 years of the history of Lisbon. Its settlers have included the Phoenicians, who named it “calm bay”, the Romans, who were the first major settlers, and the Arabs, who shaped the old town alleys. Lisbon’s climate and geography were tempting to all the peoples who landed here. And they still are, incidentally.
Until the present day the old quarter of Alfama, sitting on the hill facing the river, has had important links to maritime activities, from fishing to freight handling. Its population maintains a unique lifestyle and sense of community, conditioned by urban density and narrow streets. In this walk you will became acquainted with:

Lisbon Downtown
Lisbon Legends&Mysteries
Lisbon City of Spies
Lisbon Revelation Tour
  • Lisbon’s Cathedral and Casa dos Bicos
  • Romans and Moors
  • Jews and forced converts persecutions
  • Maze-like streets
  • Hidden vantage points
  • Migration and dockers

Private Walks

Special Walks

Lisbon on Bike

Between the stairways and the viewpoints and the hanging laundry in the Alfama district, I found myself often lost.

- John Berger