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Lisbon Old Town

For centuries downtown Lisbon has been the heart of the social, commercial and spiritual life of the city, as much as the center of power of Portugal. Despite this lasting prominence, a lot has changed since the Phoenician and the Roman occupation, when there was still an arm of the Tejo river flooding this area.
The earthquake of 1st November 1755 transformed it into ruins, but provided the pretext for an innovative reconstruction of the city’s downtown area.
Join us at this Lisbon Walking Tour and learn about:

Lisbon Downtown
Lisbon Legends&Mysteries
Lisbon City of Spies

  • The 1755 earthquake and the day after
  • The Roman salted fish factories
  • The Comércio Sq.: center of power
  • Rebirth of Lisbon: the dream of a city come true
  • A new city built on water
  • The birth of modern seismology
  • The hidden churches
Lisbon Revelation Tour

Private Walks

Special Walks

Lisbon on Bike


In Lisbon you feel the power and the grace around you: the power of an ancient epic fate and the sweet lightness of a light that draws a wing, almost frivolous.

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