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Lisbon Old Town

It is possible to arrange for private tours for groups in English or Portuguese. Under certain circumstances it is also possible to have Private walks in French, in German, in Italian and in Spanish. Please contact us for details.

Upon request, we can arrange a Private Walk for a group at a special price; the typical situations arising from Schools, Hotels, Travel Agencies and Congress organisers. 

In order to apply, please contact us at info@lisbonwalker.com, by phone at (+351) 218 861 840 or (+351) 963 575 635 or by fax at (+351) 218 861 842.

You can select from any of our regular walks or a combination of them and you don't have to adhere to our public walks schedule. 

Just let us know what your preferences are and we will generate the walk of your choice at a reasonable price.

Lisbon Downtown
Lisbon Legends&Mysteries
Lisbon City of Spies
Lisbon Revelation Tour

Private Walks

Special Walks

Lisbon on Bike

The city is aerated and clean, of a glistening whiteness.(…) It is an absolutely dazzling place.

 Virginia Woolf