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Lisbon Old Town   
  This Lisbon Walking Tour will guide you through the origins of Lisbon, behind the city walls and inside the Alfama quarter. In this tour you will learn about Romans and Moors, Jews and Phoenicians and how each one shaped the city and its people.
Lisbon Downtown   
  A Lisbon Walking Tour that will take you through Downtown, the heart of the city, a district reborn after the 1755 earthquake and tell you about its innovative architecture.
Lisbon Legends&Mysteries  
  A Lisbon Walking Tour that will reveal 25 centuries of secrets hidden under the stones of Lisbon, waiting to be unveiled. A tour for those curious to discover the unspoken tales!
Lisbon City of Spies   
  In the 2nd World War Lisbon swarmed with spies from the main sides in conflict. A Walking tour to find out how neutral Portugal provided the natural setting for conspiracy.
Lisbon Revelation Tour    
  Simply the 1st thing to do in Lisbon – a 3 hour walking tour that offers you an all-in-one overview of the main sites of Lisbon.
Private Walks
  Private walking tours for groups by appointment. Whether you are organizing a corporate outdoor event or a school trip, call us. We can organize a tailor made Lisbon Walking Tour that you will never forget.
Special Walks
Selected Walking Tours that provide deeper insight to the city and unique Lisbon experiences.

Lisbon on Bike

Discover the history along the Tagus. On wheels.

We stopped once again in Praça do Comércio, the center of the Lusitanian world. After such walks we should close our eyes and take a deep breath.

Ernst Jünger