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Who we are

Our Team at Lisbon Walker - the Lisbon Walking Tour guides that make the difference

Rita Prata is a Lisbon native with a degree in History of Art, and a master degree in Urban Heritage Preservation. She is enthusiastically described by Lisbon Walkers as “very pleasant, helpful and well-informed”, making her a natural city hostess.

José, from Lisbon, is a contemporary historian with a postgraduate degree in City Culture. He is a keen researcher into anything to do with Lisbon’s history and tales, and he is the main author of the commentaries you will hear whilst being led through this beautiful city.

Claudia is from Germany and lives in the very heart of Alfama, the city’s oldest district, whose people have adopted her as a native. She has degrees in Economy, Iberian Peninsula History and Politics and speaks four languages fluently. Her outstanding ability as a PR has made her integration instantaneous in the team and the spirit of Lisbon Walker.

José Manuel, born in the old town, has lived in Lisbon for most of his life. An engineer by profession, his work has taken him around the world. He has now decided to devote his time to promoting the city to which he so often longed to return.

Rita Abrunhosa studied Social Psychology in Lisbon. She will make you feel at home in this city you are sure to love.
Catarina was born in Lisbon and has lived there most of her life. Being a journalist, she also loves to walk around the city, telling stories and showing its peculiarities to everyone. Catarina
Inês  has a master´s degree in History of Art and is deeply in love with Lisbon’s History and Architecture. She is known as a pleasant and incredibly energetic city guide! Catarina
Rita Azevedo has a degree in History of Art and a master´s degree in Museology. Being a specialist in guided tours in museums of Lisbon for over ten years, Rita has taken this city as her new subject of research. You will love to explore Lisbon in her company.Rita A.
Margarida was born and bred in Lisbon where she studied Architecture. She has a particular interest in the History of Art and is especially fond of recounting the many extraordinary tales that weave the fabric of the history of her city.

Teresa has a degree and a master in archaeology. She loves to walk in Lisbon as there is always something new to visit, especially if it´s beneath the ground!Foto Teresa
Pedro has a degree in Cinema. He is an excellent talker and storyteller and he is well known for his kindness. He is an enthusiast about History, especially Lisbon’s - the city where he was born.Pedro dos Santos

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