Les visites et activités de Lisbon Walker visent à diffuser l’histoire et le passé culturel de la ville de Lisbonne, à travers des itinéraires emblématiques. Celles-ci sont structurées d’un point de vue informatif et culturel, avec le souci de la rigueur historique. Nous avons plus de 30 visites thématiques où nous dévoilons le caractère unique de cette ville, ainsi que des activités de groupe.


On a pas des visites régulières en français. Les visites régulières sont seulement en anglais et ont lieu tous les jours à 10h, le vendredi également à 14h30 et certains dimanches également à 14h30, où nous abordons différents thèmes. Achetez simplement le billet sur le site pour toutes les visites régulières an anglais, au directement au guide au point de rendez-vous.


Pour faire une visite en français, il faut réserver une visite privée aussi comme des activités en groupe. Envoyez-nous une demande de réservation pour toute les visites privées ou activités de groupe.

Prix de base


Tarif normal

20 €

Moins de 26 ans/ Plus de 65 ans

15 €

Lisboa Card / Rick Steve's Book

15 €

Enfants moins de 12 ans

0,00 €




Y a-t-il des visites de groupe en français ?

On a que des promenades de groupe en Anglais. Ces promenades régulières en Anglais sont toutes les matin à 10h. Il faut seulement achetez de billet en ligne sur notre site internet.

Où est le point de départ des visites régulières en anglais?

Le point de rendez-vous est à la Cherchez le sac à dos orange a la Praça do Comércio (Place du Commerce), devant du Bureau de Tourisme plus proche de Rua do Arsenal, sous les arcades - à côté du Squisito Restaurant et Pateo da Galé

Comment puis-je faire une visite en français?

Remplissez simplement les formulaires de chaque visites que vous souhaitez faire ou envoyez un e-mail à

Acceptez-vous la carte de crédit ou bancaire ?

Lorsque vous effectuez une réservation à l'avance par e-mail, vous pouvez utiliser ces modes de paiement.

Em que línguas são guiados os passeios a pé?

Os passeios regulares diários são em Inglês, mas aos 4 primeiros Domingos e a cada primeiro Sábado do mês, existe sempre um passeio diferente em Português. Sujeitos a marcação, também existem passeios noutras línguas: Alemão, Francês, Espanhol e Italiano.

Qui a été le 1er étranger à visiter Lisbonne ?

Nous ne savons pas. Sérieusement. Mais les premières traces d'une présence extérieure pointent vers les Phéniciens comme les premiers visiteurs à se réfugier régulièrement dans les eaux calmes du Tage.

Como irei reconhecer o guia Lisbon Walker?

O guia vai estar no passeio perto das arcadas (ou debaixo se chover) no canto noroeste da Praça do Comércio, ao pé do posto de Turismo de Lisboa. O/A guia há-de estar a distribuir folhetos Lisbon Walker e a vender bilhetes, usando uma mochila laranja às costas com o logotipo da Lisbon Walker.

Existe-t-il le produit des ``54Cartes Lisboa a Pé`` en français ?

Non, uniquement en portugais et en anglais.

É verdade que o actor John Malkovich é um guia Lisbon Walker?

Infelizmente não, embora seja um entusiasta de Lisboa como nós. De facto, contamos por vezes com a participação de actores como animadores das nossas iniciativas, mas ainda não são tão famosos. Apesar de não lhes faltar talento.

Où puis-je acheter des ``54 Cartes Lisboa a Pé``?

Vous pouvez acheter directement sur notre site. Si vous le voulez en portugais, allez à la page ``loja`` en portugais. Si vous le voulez en anglais, allez à la ``shop`` du site en anglais.

Combien de temps dure chaque visite?

Environ 3 heures et moins de 3 kilomètres. D'ailleurs, les chaussures plates confortables sont conseillées et les talons hauts absolument à proscrire. Le point d'arrivée des circuits est central, situé à proximité des transports en commun pour faciliter le retour.

Is there a group discount?

There is indeed. Upon request, we can arrange a Private Walk for a group at a special price; the typical situations arising from Schools, Hotels, Travel Agencies and Congress organisers. In order to apply, please contact us at, by phone at (+351) 218 861 840 or (+351) 963 575 635 or at our office (Rua do Jardim do Tabaco, 126, SLJ, Lisboa - facing Museu do Fado). It is possible to select from any of our regular walks or a combination of them and you don't have to adhere to our public walks schedule. Just let us know what your preferences are and we will create the walking tour or experience that matches your needs.

How many people live in Lisbon?

Around 560.000 today. The metropolitan area however rises above 2.5 million souls these days and a lot of them work inside the city, just to make things difficult for traffic, public transportation and parking.

How fit must I be to walk alongside the group without risking being left behind?

Relax. None of the walks is a forced march. As stated before, the only (moderately) demanding walks are Lisbon OldTown, Lisbon Uptown and the Lisbon Castle Hill. However, if you bear in mind that the Old Town walk, for example, takes place in one of the quarters with some of the most aged population in Lisbon and little public transportation available, you can imagine that if the natives can do it, so can you.

Are there any stops along the way?

Of course. They will not only provide the proper break, but also the opportunity to expand a bit on any special history or anecdote that we find appropriate in the context. We try to land in shady spots with some sitting room to allow for some leg stretching.

How many vehicles were there in Lisbon at the time of the earthquake?

Since the beginning of times – think of the Flintstones, for example- vehicles have been a symbol of status and this still seems to be the case. Now at that time in Lisbon, in spite of the slopy and roughly paved streets, there were 300 coaches, 4.500 privately owned trolleys, 400 cabs for rent and several thousand individual handheld chairs for a population of around 200.000.

Can I take my children on a walk?

Sure you can. And it is for free. Baby trolleys however may prove a bit tricky to manoeuvre at times, as sidewalks can be quite narrow or non-existing, but everyone allways lend a hand in case of need.

How do I qualify for any of the discounts of the regular tours?

This one is easy: you have to look old to apply for the over 65 one or young enough to apply for the under 26 one. No, we don’t ask you to show us your passport, we are not the police, you know. The other way is to show us your Lisboa Card or the Rick Steves guide.

Is there any special reason to visit your office at Rua do Jardim do Tabaco, 126, SLJ (facing Museu do Fado)

From the top of my head I can think of several: it is in the very heart of Alfama and we can provide you with information to get more in depth into this unique part of the city; we have a set of selected books that will provide you with more information about Lisbon; you are invited to come and sit with us for a chat and learn more about what Lisbon and its surroundings have to offer, daytime and nightime.

Is the Legends & Mysteries walk frightening?

Of course not: we will not take you through spider’s filled tunnels, slippery floors in the dark, nor there will be any improvised characters in white bed sheets howling around you. It is not a ghost train ride on foot. It is mainly a quiet walking tour across some of the most curious legends and secrets that have been nourishing the imagination of Lisbonners for many years.

How many hills are there in Lisbon?

Seven hills, right? Wrong. The myth of Lisbon of the seven hills was made up by Friar Nicholas in the XVII century, urging to create a hasty parallel with the city of Rome. People say there are actually fifteen or even more. Is it important at all?