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African Presence - Afternoon Sunday Walk only available on specific dates

Spices and Slaves trade were without a shadow of a doubt, two of the most important drivers of the Portuguese discoveries enterprise and colonial exploration. The massive trade of African slaves became an essential component of the triangular commerce in the Atlantic Ocean and marked the darkest page in the History of the Discoveries

On the other hand, the spices market led the city of Lisbon to the summit of Europe’s trade.

A particular attention will be devoted to the life of the slaves in the metropolis, and how spices influenced the economy, the social life and the country’s gastronomy.

Carries burning pepper, he had bought; The dried flower of Banda was not left; The nut and the dark clove that lightens The new island of Molucca, with the cinnamon That makes Seilan rich, illustrious and beautiful


In this Walking Tour you will submerge into:

  • History of slavery and spices
  • Slaves origin and daily life
  • The Mocambo
  • Slaves celebrations and brotherhoods
  • Spices influence in status, medicine, spirituality and sexuality
  • The House of India
  • Madragoa quarter
  • From Downtown to Belém

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