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The first African neighborhood in Europe grew in Lisbon in the XVI century. Named Mocambo, slaves as well as free men and women lived there, whose services filled the streets of the city of Lisbon. Come and find out where this neighborhood was and many other emblematic spaces of the African presence in Lisbon.

In the surprised words of foreigners who visited Lisbon, the streets were full of men and women with several of darker skin tones. Damião de Góis figures the inhabitants of African origin up to 20% of the population, with only 20% of these being free men and women. This unique percentage in Europe at the time lent the city much more than the literary exoticism that made it the first global city. How was life for the enslaved? And for the freedmen?

In this Walking Tour you will submerge into:

  • Mocambo
  • African brotherhoods and their celebrations
  • Enslaved; gain slaves, free and freed
  • The African presence in the city's toponymy
  • Famous figures of African origin
  • The art and representation of Africans
  • Slavery and its end


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