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Castle Hill - Afternoon Sunday Walk only available on specific dates

A string of stories around the people and the events that shaped the birthplace of Lisbon.

Around the Castle  Hill , where surprising views await to be discovered, experience the sense of security inside the defensive walls that protected the city’s inhabitants for more than 800 years.

Discover the Roman Theatre  revealed by the 1755 earthquake, where polished marble was first used in the empire. Dwell inside the Mouraria where Fado, the urban song of Lisbon, matured during the 19th century.

This tour will take you to the following key sites:

  • The Castle and its surroundings
  • Olisipo’s Roman Theatre and its innovative decorator, Caius Primus
  • Lisbon’s Conquest in 1147 and the second Crusade
  • Mouraria – the Moorish district of Lisbon
  • Severa, an ill-fated Fado singer
  • Fado as the soundtrack of Lisbon
  • Martim Moniz Sq. – a melting pot of cultures


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