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City of Shadows - an Escape Game on the street

Lisbon in the 1940s, lived a parallel reality from the rest of the world, besides it dictatorship, which shaped Portuguese society since the end of the 1920s. The foreigners took advantage of the distance from the war and blackouts and in the words of Erich Maria Remarque “pretending life as it was”, going to the cinema and the beach. The Portuguese, on the other hand, took advantage of the presence of foreigners to ease the conservative regime's impositions, in the cosmopolitan Lisbon. It's in this scenery that you will embark on a mission, during this City of Shadows game.

How does this City of Shadows game works:

Between letters and other documents, agents are being directed to a variety of checkpoints, that will allow them evolve in the game.

By completing tasks and solving clues, teams try to elevate themselves to James Bond status.  Espionage tests a variety of skills with only the crème de la crème graduating from "spy school".

Why not add team disguises to this hilarious event which will see your group exploring the murky world of spying.

The end result:

Espionage is easily adjusted to meet your specific objectives. Espionage works well to:

  • Develop planning and time management skills
  • Promote teambuilding and team bonding
  • Provide a funny way to explore a city and a great way to reward your staff


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