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Lisbon Architecture Tour

The History of Lisbon is well engraved in its body, in a dense tale of architectural testimonies from all ages. This walking tour takes you through 3 different centuries in search of 3 different Lisbons.

1 - The dreamed city: the opportunity provided by the 1755 devastating earthquake could not be missed. The Marquis of Pombal and a team of military engineers recovered the plans for the long awaited renovation of the city and created a world reference architecture with a lean and seismic resistant design for Lisbon’s downtown district.


2 - The modern city: In the 40’s the power of the dictatorship ruled the national image and the architectural style. The explosion of the city to the north, the middle class housing projects, the new markets, the airport and countless public works created the set of this golden era of the Portuguese architecture.


3 - The future city? Can anyone guess how long this urban approach will survive architecture’s ever changing trends? In the Nation’s Park area we will observe how was the conversion of the former Expo 98’ into a fresh urban site achieved and discuss the secret of this success.

In this tour you will become familiar with the following topics:

  • Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake
  • Pombal’s Downtown
  • Modern Architects and Architectures
  • From Areeiro to Alameda – The new city of the New State
  • Contemporary Architects and Architectures
  • The Expo 98 area


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