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Lisbon City of Spies - Tuesdays at 10am and Fridays at 2:30pm | Bookable also as private

Portugal remained neutral in the 2nd World War and Lisbon became a rendez-vous spot for spies, taking advantage of the city’s strategic Atlantic connections. Inside the city both the Allies and the Axis kept impressive diplomatic services: probably the only place in war-torn Europe where all sides were able to meet on equal grounds.

Lisbon suddenly became a true “nest of spies” as mentioned in several period chronicles and the “plane to Lisbon”, as an escape route in the movie Casablanca, remains one of the best known examples.

In this Lisbon City of Spies walking tour you will visit some of the sites related with the spy stories of :

  • The most famous spy Hotels in Lisbon
  • The refugees and the European fashion trends
  • The lonely fight of the Portuguese consul in Bordeaux
  • The most important WWII double agent: Garbo/Arabel
  • The story of the real James Bond
  • The Jewish gold and the tungsten traffic


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