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Lisbon Old Town - Thursdays and Sundays at 10am | Bookable also as private

We start with the Phoenicians, who named it "quiet bay", followed by the Romans - the first major settlers - to the Arabs, who shaped the old town alleys. The geography and climate of Lisbon were the greatest temptation for all the communities who settled here. Which is still the case today, incidentally.

The old district of Alfama, sitting on the hill facing the river, still exhibits strong references to maritime activities, from fishing to freight handling, that were once on top of the job opportunities list. Its inhabitants maintain a unique lifestyle, with a strong sense of community, influenced by urban density and the narrowness of the streets, making these neighborhood a small village inside the big city.

These are the key points of the tour:

  • Lisbon’s Cathedral and Casa dos Bicos
  • Romans and Moors
  • Jews and forced converts persecutions
  • Maze-like streets
  • Hidden vantage points
  • Migration and dockers
  • Fado: the soundtrack of Lisbon


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