Chiado&Bairro Alto



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Chiado&Bairro Alto - Thursdays at 10:00

The cosmopolitan and literary Chiado, together with the bohemian Bairro Alto, are roamed about in this Lisbon walking tour. The life and personality of the best known player of the modernist generation in Portugal - the poet Fernando Pessoa – provides the adequate script.

You will also spot unique perspectives of the city, available only from Lisbon’s most Romantic hill and the first one to be seriously planned as an urban site in the 16th century.

A southern city. A city at the same time burning and cool that contains in the horizon the promise of the sea and the salted wind sweeping the hills.

Simone de Beauvoir

Key features of this walk include:

  • Bohemian life in Bairro Alto
  • Lisbon growing outside its walls
  • A Baroque splendour in the city
  • The poet Fernando Pessoa
  • The “A Brasileira” coffee shop and the Modernist Generation
  • Breathtaking views over the city
  • The golden age of the newspapers

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