Lisbon Photo Challenge

2h - 3h


+ 2



All ages

Upon Request

Photo Challenge Extraordinaire

This Photo Challenge is at the same time a creativity test and an exploration challenge, perfect for groups of friends and team building activities.

It will place you in situations where you can express your observation and acting skills and share it with your friends as you go.

It is also perfect for team building activities since it requires you to drop some of your defenses and deal with your inhibitions regarding public exposure.

Funny, creative and extremely entertaining it has been a long-time favourite

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tellls you the less you know

Diane Arbus

You will be challenged to record in pictures your skills in:

  • Eating something delicious
  • Stand on a cable car track
  • Become a giant
  • Be part of a street add
  • Find an historical marker
  • and many more

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