Porto & Port wine tour

2h - 3h



Todas as Idades

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Porto & Port wine tour

For many centuries, Porto has been the centre of the port wine trade. With the vineyards just over 1hour drive from city – up in the Douro valley – the Gaia district, just in front of Porto, is today, like in the past, home to the historic Port lodges – think of a of a plus-sized Barrio de la Estación – in Haro, La Rioja. Port wine historical warehouses, of British inspired decoration, house unending rows of old (deliciously) scented vats, beautiful tasting rooms, and the various styles of port wines.

The Douro table wines, has also come to stay, the city’s packed with top-notch wine bars and restaurants. One can firmly state that wine culture (paired with excellent food) is slowly taking over the city.

The tour will finish with a visit to an historical Port lodge – in Gaia – if not for a full tour at least for a delicious Port tasting.

To join us for the wine tasting tour of Porto & Gaia is to get a true sense of place about the city. Passing by some of the hidden gems of the city many stories and history will be shared with you. Not only will you find out more about wine but also why the city is inseparable from the wine it named. The occasional nibble can also include as the local petiscos (tapas style portions) are making a comeback.

Duration – can be half a day to a full day. I’m easy! The only limitation is the Port lodges schedule – most close between 5pm and 6pm.

Prices – you let me know – also is wines and petiscos should be included.