Sweet Lisbon



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Sweet Lisbon

Walk around the trendy areas of Baixa, Chiado and Bairro Alto to discover the best sweets Lisbon has to offer.

Typical pastry, national and local, combined with exquisite chocolates and the best liquors. Indulge yourself in this slightly sinful stroll.

If sack and sugar be a fault, God help the wicked!”

(Henry IV 2.4.464, Falstaff to Hal) Shakespeare

In this Walking Tour we invite you to taste:

  • Ginjinhas around Rossio;
  • Some of the most traditional pastries and cakes of Lisbon and Portugal;
  • The Portuguese coffee “Bica” and its inseparable friend the “Pastel de Nata”;
  • Stories around conventual confection and many other sweet tales;
  • Artisan’s chocolate of the finest origins.

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