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The emotional goodbye between Rick and Ilse, the end of Louis collaboration and the plane departure to Lisboa.

The movie plot explores the same drama many refugees had lived in Lisboa, waiting for their visas and passages to America.

In our Lisbon City of Spies tour we want to show you where these refugees wandered and how they influenced the locals.

The Lisbon City of Spies tour is one our most unique experiences. It has attracted many people, including those who would not usually be looking for walking tours.

In this article from the Guardian you get a glimpse of the many stories and characters we will present you with.

Its central theme, spying, is quite a universal subject that Hollywood has exploited in several franchises and creating universally known characters, such as James Bond.

Amongst other interesting stories of double agents, we will present you the man who influenced Ian Fleming for Bond.

The II World War is one of the most documented conflicts in History, and just like in all other aspects of war, spying was incredibly enhanced during the conflict, and due to Portuguese Neutrality and Lisbon’s location, many new gadgets were used here.

The Portuguese Neutrality, that will transform Lisbon into Europe’s bottleneck, is another interesting aspect to cover. A totalitarian regime, of fascist inspiration, balancing in between the two blocks. The causes of tension came from Spain, from the Azores, East Timor, and the supplies for Nazi Germany sold by Portugal.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry described Lisbon as a Sad Paradise.

You will fortunately get to know it better, without the political police on your tail…